Meet Evren

I never EVER leave reviews or testimonials but this app saved my and my baby’s lives, and if my story can inspire any mother-to-be to understand the importance of kick counting, it is well worth sharing!

One Saturday afternoon, as I entered week 34 of my first pregnancy and after coming down with a cold a few days prior, I had just realized that, for the first time since my baby was big enough for me to feel fetal movement, I had only felt very faint kicks for the last 48 hours or so.

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Meet Wendy

A few days before my due date I had a really busy day at work and went to bed that night exhausted. I woke up around 2 a.m. to go to the bathroom and realized our baby wasn’t moving which was unusual. Then when I thought back to my busy work day, I didn’t remember feeling any movement throughout the day.

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Meet Lucy

Being aware of fetal movements saved my baby’s life! I usually would do kick counts in the morning when I pressed the snooze button before getting out of bed. My baby girl was always active and it usually took less than 10 minutes to feel 10 movements. I was 32 weeks pregnant when one morning I felt nothing.

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