Meet Lucy

Being aware of fetal movements saved my baby’s life! I usually would do kick counts in the morning when I pressed the snooze button before getting out of bed. My baby girl was always active and it usually took less than 10 minutes to feel 10 movements. I was 32 weeks pregnant when one morning I felt nothing. I got up and dressed, had breakfast and laid on the couch to try again. Still no movement. I tried not to panic and headed to work. I was halfway there when I thought “What am I doing? This isn’t right.” I turned the car around and went straight to my doctor’s office. After a series of tests and ultrasounds, it was determined that my baby was getting decreased blood flow from the umbilical cord and needed to be delivered. I was sent for an emergency C-section and the doctor was stunned to find the cord wrapped tightly 4 times around her neck! Lucy spent 6 weeks in the NICU but is now a happy and energetic 1-year-old. All the doctors agree that being aware of her lack of movement and acting on it saved her life that day. Keep encouraging kick counts, they work!