Meet Olivia

I woke up for work Friday morning October 16, 2015 with my mind swirling about a busy day of meetings and home visits. I got in the shower and my little miss wasn’t kicking as she usually did. I continued to get ready still no movement. I tried a caffeine drink and still nothing. I laid on my side and still no movement. I began to panic. I texted my Doctor. She asked if I had tried caffeine, cold drink, and laying on my side. After she knew I had exhausted all the normal remedies she told me to come straight in to check on things.

The whole drive to the doctors office I’m pushing on my stomach because I can feel her little bottom but still no movement. I was terrified and all I could pray was I trust you Lord I trust you.

We get to the doctor’s office and began the ultra sound. We could hear her precious heartbeat but no movement. Yes, a heartbeat but still no movement. We were hooked up to a monitor and minutes later the nurse came in and said the doctor will meet you at the hospital and you are going to have a baby today. Thirty minutes later our beautiful baby girl Olivia was born by C-section.

These were by far the scariest days of my life. She spent ten days in the NICU and the doctors found no reason why she stopped moving. When I asked my Doctor why this happened or what caused her to stop moving she stated how many unexplained stillbirths occur every year. It could have been Olivia had we not come in. It gives me chills every time I think of how differently her birthday could have gone. Minutes seemed to matter. I’m so thankful that my doctor trusted my concerns and saw us that morning. We likely would have had a much worse outcome had we waited till later that afternoon.

Today she is a busy one year old that keeps us all on our toes. On her first birthday I sent a picture to my doctor, Olivia’s nurses, and the NICU saying thank you again for saving my baby. I thank God daily for both my sweet babies.