Helping from Home: A Note from our Executive Director

helping from home

Because of our educational resources, including the app, expectant parents know when to call their provider and when to stay at home. Kick counting data within the app can even be emailed or texted directly to providers — a helpful way to determine the next best steps for mom and baby. In a time where we are all united and working toward not burdening our health system, Count the Kicks has a solution to help take the pressure off.

Save Babies with Us

By learning about our life-saving program and teaching expectant moms how to pay attention to their baby’s movements every day in the third trimester, you will have the peace of mind to know when things are OK and when things have changed.

This holiday season, helps us spread cheer, hope and the gift of life

Tufte family

Please help us spread cheer, hope, and most precious gift of life. Tell your story. Count the Kicks to help prevent stillbirths. Together, we can save babies.