The Gift of Zach

Dear Zach,

It’s that time of year again and your absence is felt in every fiber of my being. The tears have been coming on a daily basis since Halloween. They have a mind of their own and occur in public places like the Target toy aisle while staring and wondering what you would have been into this year.

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Q&A with CTK Supporter, Tamela Hatcher

One of Count the Kicks’ earliest supporters is Tamela Hatcher (Hatcher is on the left side of this photo), a retired manager of Childbirth Education and Doula Services for one of the largest delivering hospitals in the state of Iowa.  For as long as she can remember, Tamela has been passionate about birth.

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Why One Mom Didn’t Count Kicks, But Wishes She Had

Kelly Green wishes she had counted her son's kicks.

I was so nervous during my first pregnancy. But I wasn’t as nervous about pregnancy or delivery as I was about what it was going to be like when my child was born. I wanted to feel certain I would know how to parent – how to be a good mother.

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