Kansas mom saves her baby using Count the Kicks

Kansas mom

Yelly Sarah Coulibaly never expected that downloading the Count the Kicks app to monitor her baby’s movements during pregnancy would help save her daughter Eva’s life.

Count the Kicks launches in St. Joseph County, Indiana

St. Joseph County

The St. Joseph County Department of Health (SJCDH) is partnering with
Count the Kicks, an evidence-based stillbirth prevention public health campaign, to educate and empower pregnant women in St. Joseph County.

Idaho Ambassador’s story helps Australia mom save her baby through kick counting

Australia baby save

Jasmine Tunstall of Melbourne, Australia, is fortunate to reside in a country that has a focus on educating moms about tracking fetal movement. And though this is important to her story, the real voice in her head on Dec. 19, 2019 — the day she saved her daughter Audrey — was that of Count the Kicks Idaho Ambassador Lindsay Rager.