Your Practice Counts!

Download These Free, Easy-to-Use Count the Kicks Materials to Make Sure Your Patients Count Too

Teaching Count the Kicks is simple. It only takes a couple of minutes. But, those minutes could help save a baby’s life.

Showing parents-to-be how to Count the Kicks should be as common as teaching them the importance of taking a prenatal vitamin or having a car seat installed before their baby arrives.

Remember, EVERY patient needs to learn how to Count the Kicks—not just high-risk moms. Don’t assume they know how to do it.

The best time to teach Count the Kicks is at the beginning of the third trimester so parents-to-be can get started right away. It’s a great item to cover during a patient’s glucose screening appointment.

Here are some free educational materials to train everyone in your practice and your patients too.

Childbirth Lesson Plan Teaching Parents-to-Be How to Count the Kicks: An Easy-to-Use Lesson Plan and Video Package for Childbirth Educators (English)  (Spanish)



Paper Chart Count the Kicks Printable Kick Charts (English) (Spanish)

Helpful Videos