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Third Trimester? Start Counting!

Counting kicks is a great way to get to know your baby and has been shown to reduce the occurrence of stillbirth, which occurs in 1 in every 167 pregnancies in the United States. Most providers recommend you begin counting kicks in your 28th week of pregnancy, or at 26 weeks if you are high risk or pregnant with multiples.

Counting kicks is simple. We’ll show you how…

  • 1Watch our How to Count the Kicks video and read our easy instructions. Play Video
  • 2Download our free Count the Kicks app to track your baby’s movement every day during your third trimester of pregnancy with the touch of your phone or tablet.
  • 3Get answers to questions you have about how to track your baby’s kicks. FAQ


Meet some of our beautiful baby saves and find out how Count the Kicks saved their lives.

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