Thanks to a grant award from Mid-Iowa Health Foundation, Healthy Birth Day, Inc. has been able to create a faith-based toolkit for ministers to include Count the Kicks education in their ministries. We are committed to reaching pregnant moms where they are. Expectant parents have told us that this includes places of worship and fellowship. We follow models of best practice for engaging the faith community in public health programming when developing a stillbirth prevention tool kit for the faith community. We see this as an opportunity to not only spread the message of kick counting, but as a way to build new community partnerships and engage in broader efforts to address health and racial inequalities at large. Much of our focus in faith-based outreach is with traditionally black churches.

Here’s why. Every year in the U.S. 24,000 babies are born still, according to the CDC. A disproportionate number of babies are born still to African American, Hispanic and Native American women. According to the CDC, a black woman is more than twice as likely to lose her baby to stillbirth than her white neighbor, colleague, friend. Approximately 6,900 African American babies are lost to stillbirth each year in our country.

1:204 white women endure a stillbirth

1:167 of all pregnancies in the U.S. ends in stillbirth

1:94 pregnant black women lose their baby to stillbirth in the U.S.

Families are 10 times more likely to lose a baby to stillbirth than they are to SIDS.

*All national and Iowa total stillbirth statistics come from the CDC.

Healthy Birth Day, Inc., the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that created Count the Kicks, is engaged with community-based organizations throughout Greater Des Moines, Iowa that are dedicated to reducing racial disparities in health and birth outcomes. We are proud to be a part of United Way’s One Economy work in our community, and have developed important relationships with EveryStep, Pastors and Ministers Alliance, Broadlawns Medical Center, Polk County Health Department, Young Women’s Resource Center, Primary Healthcare, and more. We regularly consult colleagues from these organizations for programmatic input, ideas for community outreach, and one-on-one connections. We are grateful to the Pastors and Ministers Alliance for leading our faith-based outreach in Des Moines, where we are based. A special thank you to Community Outreach Worker Tinika Roland and Pastors Stephaney Moody and Jamel Crawford for their leadership.

Additional Resources
  • Check out our faith-based toolkit to implement Count the Kicks in your ministry! This PowerPoint Presentation allows you to give a thorough description of the importance of tracking fetal movement.
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  • To request printed materials for implementation in your house of worship, please email us at