We have a bold vision to save 6,000 babies each year in the U.S. Can we COUNT on you to help us reach it?

Here’s how we plan to save 6,000 babies:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we lose 24,000 babies to stillbirth every year in America. In the five short years after Count the Kicks launched in Iowa, our state’s stillbirth rate decreased by nearly 29 percent.  Iowa went from 33rd worst stillbirth rate to third lowest in the country. If we can similarly decrease the entire country’s stillbirth rate, we will save more than 6,000 babies every year.

We have a plan in place to launch Count the Kicks in all 50 states, with the goal of replicating Iowa’s success. We are ready to implement this plan just as soon as we have enough funding. To us, this is urgent as we hear far too often from expectant moms who did not know the importance of tracking fetal movement in the third trimester and find us only after losing their precious son or daughter.

In order to go after our goal of saving 6,000 babies every year in the U.S., we need to raise $2 million for increased staffing and programming. Allowing us to share tools and resources with all providers to educate expectant moms in each state.  When moms know the importance of and how to monitor their baby’s movements, more babies are saved.

We know Count the Kicks works. And we know you believe in us, too.

There are three important ways you can help us reach our goal.

  1. Donate to the Save 6,000 Babies campaign by visiting this page. Every dollar donated directly impacts the lives of babies and families across the nation.
  2. Tell every expectant parent you know about the importance of kick counting and to download the FREE Count the Kicks! app.
  3. Spread the word about our #Save6000Babies campaign on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Connect us to more people who will spread the word about the power of kick counting.


Watch what happens when a Count the Kicks baby save surprises some of the people who saved him!

Any success that happens to Count the Kicks is because of YOU. Thank you for believing in us — we can’t wait to tell you about all the babies you are saving.