Angi Young,

Oregon Ambassador

My name is Angi Young, and I am the Oregon Ambassador for Count the Kicks. We lost our son Benjamin in November 2015, I was almost 38 weeks.

I had a completely normal pregnancy with no complications. I had mentioned to my OB/GYN that I didn’t think this baby moved as much as my others had (four previous pregnancies/live births). She told me it was normal for the baby to slow down as he ran out of room.

I had an ultrasound that day and was told everything was fine. Four days later I was in the hospital with labor pains and concern about baby’s movements, and was told they couldn’t find a heartbeat. My son was stillborn that day with a tight nuchal cord around his neck twice.

The loss and devastation was almost too much to bear. I never thought this would happen to me, and no one ever told me.

I became an Ambassador because I never want another mother to have to feel the guilt and frustration of not having all the information needed to prevent stillbirth. This is something that should be discussed with expectant mothers. They should be given information about the importance of counting kicks. If I would have been given this information, I feel like my son would be here today.

We need everyone in Oregon to hear about and start sharing the Count the Kicks campaign. If you want to help, it’s as easy as telling everyone you know and sharing what you can on social media. Or if you have connections with the medical field, you can help by getting this info out to all expectant mothers.

Ultimately, we would love for Oregon to follow in the footsteps of Iowa and get this info into all hospitals and OB offices for free!

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