Oklahoma Ambassador

Jill Batey,

Oklahoma Ambassador

I am Jill Batey, a stay-at-home mother of three: Taylor, Cameron and our rainbow baby, AJ. My husband Ron and I run a small nonprofit organization in Ada, Okla., called Morgan’s Purpose. Our mission is to support families dealing with pregnancy and infant loss. We started Morgan’s Purpose in memory of our daughter, Morgan. We feel very blessed to be chosen as her parents.

I had two miscarriages before Morgan, both at 14 weeks. During my pregnancy with her we really felt like that 14-week mark was a BIG deal. You can imagine our excitement when we made it each week after that! When we went to our 38-week checkup, everything was perfect. I was scheduled to be induced and I knew I needed to get home and get busy because we would have a new baby girl soon.

The week I was scheduled to be induced, Morgan wasn’t moving like she normally did. I had been working long hours preparing for her arrival. I was exhausted and thought she might be as well. I Googled baby’s movements dropping and asked different people and they all said the same thing: Their baby moved less as they got closer to their due date, and Morgan was just running out of room.

Overnight her movement went from less than normal to not at all. On Sept. 3, 2015 I went to the emergency room where I was told that she had no heartbeat. Shortly after I arrived, I delivered Morgan Frances Batey, with the cord wrapped around her neck.

I had so many regrets and “what if’s” when we lost her. My number one question was how her precious little life could mean nothing and just be gone. Then I realized that her life didn’t have to be for nothing.

As parents, some of our greatest accomplishments are those of our children. Because of Morgan, I am aware that it is truly a blessing to bring a baby into this world and it has become so important to me to help those who have lost a baby.

In researching ways to help my community I happened across Count the Kicks. What better way to support than to PREVENT in the first place? I was never aware of Count the Kicks during my pregnancy. What a difference it would have made!

Women need to be made aware of the importance of kick counting, as well as feeling like they can speak up when they realize their baby’s movements aren’t what they should be. Count the Kicks not only saves lives, it gives mothers a peace of mind by being more aware of their baby’s routine.

I believe that increasing awareness of Count the Kicks is so important, and I am truly passionate about sharing it’s message.

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