Katie Pelczar,

Connecticut Ambassador

I’m Katie and I’m excited to be joining Count the Kicks as the Connecticut Ambassador! My son was saved by kick counting.

At my 37 week check up, I told the doctor that my baby hadn’t been moving as much as usual (he was not my regular OB/GYN, but one of her partners). He brushed it off.

I had been kick counting fairly regularly because I enjoyed it – it made me feel connected to my little one. That night I felt fewer movements than usual. But I had seen the doctor only hours earlier and felt silly calling so late at night. I got up early the next morning to try again to count kicks. After two hours and almost no movement, my husband urged me to phone the doctor on call.

We were instructed to go to the hospital. As soon as I was hooked up to the monitor, it became clear that my baby was in distress. My regular doctor was at the hospital that morning, and she rushed us to the OR. Our little guy had severe meconium aspiration syndrome and spent three weeks in the NICU, at first on a ventilator and later breathing on his own.

I am so grateful that I counted kicks and went to the hospital when I did. Thanks to kick counting, we have a happy, healthy, rambunctious little boy.

Counting kicks is so simple and so effective. Here in Connecticut,  it is my goal to help moms and medical providers talk about kick counting. Stillbirth is still alarmingly common, but together I hope that we can work to reduce stillbirth rates in CT and across the country.

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