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When you start your third trimester, it’s time to start counting.

Pick a time each day to count ten kicks. Count the twists, jabs, pokes and flicks. By doing this daily you’ll begin to see, What is normal for your baby. See a pattern of movement that doesn’t seem right? Call your provider, day or night.

Here’s how you do it:
  • Count the Kicks every day, preferably at the same time.  Be sure to use the Reminder feature on the Count the Kicks! app to help you remember to count each day.  
  • Pick your time based on when your baby is usually active.
  • To get started, sit with your feet up or lie on your side. Count each of your baby’s movements as one kick and tap the foot on our app until you reach ten movements.  After a few days you will be to see a pattern for your baby (how long it takes you to get to ten).
  • Most of the time it will take less than a half hour, according to research.
  • Save your kick counting session in the app to see your baby's movement history or you may download a kick chart.
  • Knowing what is a normal movement pattern for your baby is key.  When "normal" changes, this could be a sign of potential problems and an indication to call your provider.

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