Five Iowa women who experienced the devastating loss of their baby girls are turning their heartache into a global movement to save babies. Janet Petersen, Kerry Biondi-Morlan, Jan Caruthers, Tiffan Yamen and Kate Safris all lost daughters within months of each other due to pregnancy complications or stillbirth. Through a series of conversations with doctors and each other, they realized one thing that could help save others from such heartbreak: Counting Kicks.  Scientific studies indicate kick counting, a daily record of a baby's movements (kicks, rolls, punches, jabs) during the third trimester, is an easy, free and reliable way to monitor a baby's well-being in addition to regular prenatal visits.

In 2009, the Iowa moms founded their 501(c)3 organization, Healthy Birth Day, and launched Count The Kicks as a public awareness campaign dedicated to saving babies. The goal of Count the Kicks is to improve the chances of delivering a healthy baby and prevent unexpected birth complications and even late-term stillbirth. They've created a network of supportive hospitals, doctors and advocates who are spreading their message, have ambassadors in seven states, and helped get Iowa's Stillbirth Registry law enacted. To learn more about the Count the Kicks campaign, the founders, and Healthy Birth Day visit www.healthybirthday.org.

About the App

Available for free in the Android and Apple online stores, the Count The Kicks! app helps pregnant women track their baby's movements. Moms can use the app each day, while the app logs their kick-counting history. Moms can then see what is normal for their baby and will know if their baby's movement pattern is changing. Count the Kicks urges expectant moms to contact their health care provider immediately if they see significant changes in their baby’s movement patterns. The app comes with a helpful daily reminder that expectant moms can set to their convenience.  As quick as taking a photo and posting it to Instagram, as easy as surfing Facebook for status updates, the new Count the Kicks! app takes saving babies into the 21st century and makes things simple for moms.

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Count the Kicks is a campaign of Healthy Birth Day, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the prevention of stillbirth and infant death through education, advocacy and support.

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